The tamborim is a small drum (6") with a single head. It is very similar to a mini tambourine without jingles. The body of the drum usually is made of metal, acrylic or plastic & you can play it with a thin drumstick or a 2 or 3 pronged plastic or rattan stick.

O tamborim e um pequeno instrumento redondo similar a um pandeiro so que sem as pratinelas e bem menor. (6") O corpo do intrumento e geralmente de metal, acrilico ou plastico e voce pode tocar com uma baqueta de bateria fina ou uma de plastico com 2 ou 3 pontas.

Tamborim3 Listen to any of the following artists to hear how the tantãn is played: Fundo de Quintal, Beth Carvalho, Martinho da Vila, or Zeca Pagodinho.

As with any instrument, you should start out practicing the rhythms slowly, until you've gotten used to the technique and the 'feeling', then you can work on your speed.


Figure 1: You play with the stick on top of the head. Usually in the center but you also can do some rim shot or use the lateral of the shell.


Figura 1: Voce toca com a baqueta em cima do instrumento. Geralmente no centro da pele. Voce pode tambem usar a lateral do instrumento ou usa-lo como um rim-shot.

Figure 1


First Example

1 e & a 2 e & a 1 e & a 2 e & a
x x x x x x x x
Click here to hear Example 1!

Second Example

1 e & a 2 e & a 1 e & a 2 e & a
x x x x x x x x x
Click here to hear Example 2!

Third Example

This is an example of a little improvisation-it is a combination of the rhythm patterns above.
Esse ex. é a combinação dos 2 primeiros ex.
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